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This is certainly good news for SEO. If Google indexes Facebook pages it is possible to optimize them and get new fans through natural positioning. The question is, how to professional seo companies do it? Here are tricks to keep in mind when we create and feed our Fan Page. The name of the page. The Facebook page name would be the equivalent of Title on a web page. Therefore, it is very important. Try to include keywords in the title of your page. But, if you abuse, can damage your seo packages for small businesses Facebook image and the vitality of your updates. Do not forget where you are and how people behave on Facebook. Customize the URL. We do not need to talk about the importance of a friendly URL optimized for Google. Optimize the URL including any keywords that describe your business. If your page name is optimized, this will be a good URL. Use keywords in strategic sites.

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If the Title equivalent is the name of the page, the meta Description is equivalent to the About section. When you write the information on your page keep it in mind and enter web page some keywords subtly. Link your Facebook page. If the links are important in the positioning of a web page, so are the links to the Facebook page. Link the page from other social networks, from your web page, your blog, etc. Optimize updates on your Page. When you post a Facebook post, the title is the Title of your blog post and the first characters of the update are the equivalent of the Meta Description.

Think Title is a link to your website. So, optimize the Titles of your blog or web and get good links. At the same time you are including keywords in your Fan Page that will benefit you from Google. SEO can apply to different online strategies. We can optimize for view more search engines our website, our blog, you tube videos, our Facebook profile and, of course, our Twitter profile. It seems that Google has evolved to include in its index the most successful social network today and can position both Twitter profiles and Tweets. For this reason, and because the presence in social networks is increasingly important for SEO, we must take into account the optimization of this Social network.

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Really in such a brief space of text, typing optimizing with keywords can lead us to be bored and overburdened and lose our audience on Twitter. Therefore, it is important to take into account some tips if we want to give a few brushstrokes SEO to our profile on Twitter. Choose your strategy. The first seo packages for small businesses thing to define is your strategy on Twitter. What do you want to position? Twitter is a good platform to position your brand, whether your personal brand or your company. But also, it is possible to identify you professionally, looking for a profile name that defines you. This is where you can introduce some keywords in your SEO strategy.

Optimize the profile. When you define your profile, you do have a few lines to enter keywords. Remember, you have very little space, so select very carefully which ones you choose. Try to define your business or activity correctly, but above all, be smart when writing. Do not abuse optimization and try to write with a natural tone. Use keywords seo packages for small businesses in your tweets. We have already commented that we should not abuse keywords in tweets or we risk losing audience. But not to abuse does not mean not to use. Enter your keywords strategically each time you enter a link or make an entry. Enjoy Twitter to boost the SEO of your web/ blog.